Welcome to the TriBourne Volunteers Portal

Volunteers are the life blood of the TriBourne events. We truly believe we have the best in the business as do our athletes, who frequently mention the incredible support that they received from our volunteers & marshals. Over the years, TriBourne Events has won many accolades and awards and has become known as a team that is totally committed to providing the best athlete experience possible. None of the above could happen without our amazing community of dedicated volunteers.

It takes over 400 volunteers to put on the TriBourne series of events and we would love you to join our volunteer team. Not only will you have a great time, we guarantee you’ll also feel loved and valued.

Please read on for more information about each event and the timetable for volunteers. There's a whole lot more info in the FAQ section too, including what you'll receive from us in return for your help and the type of volunteer roles.

To register interest for any of the 2024 events, please email and if you have any questions at all that are not covered here, please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Juliette, at


Eastbourne Triathlon Sunday 16th June 2024

IronBourne Triathlon Sunday 14th July 2024

Brighton & Hove Triathlon Sunday 1st September 2024


Please email to register to become a volunteer.

You should hear from us at least 3 times,

  1. You'll always receive a reply to your initial offer to volunteer for us
  2. 6-weeks prior to Event weekend, you'll be sent shift information.
  3. A full briefing email will be sent out 2-weeks before Event weekend.


  • Eastbourne Triathlon 15th/16th June
    • For Shift Information, you’ll hear from us on May 3rd
    • Briefing Information will be sent out by May 31st
  • IronBourne Triathlon 13th/14th July
    • For Shift Information, you’ll hear from us on May 31st
    • Briefing Information will be sent out by June 28th
  • Brighton & Hove Triathlon 31st Aug / 1st Sep
    • For Shift Information, you’ll hear from us on July 19th
    • Briefing Information will be sent out by August 16th

Every volunteer, no matter how long you offer us, will receive a TriBourne t-shirt and water bottle. We will also provide water for you to drink during your shift and the facility to make hot drinks in the Crew Tent. Please bring your own mug or flask to help us make the transition to a cup-free event.

For every 4-hour shift, we also provide a food voucher to the value of £6 that is redeemable at outlets in the Event Village – you’ll be notified of these in your briefing email but in the past have been accepted at the Fish & Chips, Woodfire Pizza and Coffee vans.

Plus, for every 4-hours worked you’ll qualify for a £25 race credit that can be redeemed against a future TriBourne event.

There are many varied roles across the different disciplines of triathlon (swim/bike/run). Pre-race we have Athlete Registration. On Event Day we use volunteers at the Swim Exit, in Transition, at Bike turnaround points, on the Run Route at crossing points and finally on the Finish Line. We also have Feed / Aid stations on the Run route and at the Finish that are manned by volunteers. If you have a specific interest, please mention this to Juliette, our Volunteer Coordinator, at the stage when you select your preferred shift and she will try to accommodate requests.

A small number of technical roles require triathlon experience, but for the vast majority you won’t need any specific knowledge, just a big smile and a positive mindset.

The vast majority of our shifts are for 4 hours, although some specific shifts can be for 5 or even 6 hours. You’ll be notified of the scheduled shift patterns around 6 weeks before the event weekend.

If you can’t offer 4 hours, don’t worry, the shift schedule is only a suggestion. We’re always grateful for whatever you can do, just let our Volunteer Coordinator know and she’ll fit you in.

Yes, you can! Please bear in mind though that the shift times are ‘in situ’ so we definitely don’t recommend signing up for more than 8 hours consecutively. Please feel free to discuss working longer/split shifts directly with our Volunteer Coordinator.

Some volunteer locations are for a single person and you will be on your own for the duration of your shift, although you will be visited at least once, likely more often, by your Area Manager.

Other locations, for example, crossing points, require cover by 2 or sometimes 3, volunteers. In this case, you’ll be informed that you are working with other volunteers.

Yes, please do let our Volunteer Coordinator know if you would like to work with another volunteer and we will try our very best to place you together. Sometimes, regretfully, this is not possible but we do really try hard to accommodate requests of this nature.

We always try to visit every volunteer at their location at least once, and usually twice, during their shift. Your manager is responsible for your welfare during the shift and, if possible, they will schedule a relief volunteer to cover you while you take a quick comfort break. You’ll also be informed where your nearest public toilet is located.

In your briefing email you will be given a link to a webpage explaining your role which will also show a map of your location. In addition, the webpage will provide a link to the precise what3words location for your marshal point. Please ensure you have the what3words app downloaded onto your smartphone. We understand that not everyone is local, so using what3words is an easy way to navigate to your exact location.

If you are still unsure, don’t worry, the Volunteer Manager will be able to help you when you arrive to sign on for your shift.

Depending on the good old British weather, layers are useful, a waterproof may be needed or alternatively sun screen, or perhaps both! Comfortable shoes. The vast majority of roles are located outside and you’ll most likely be standing for the duration of your shift. If you need to bring a bag, please make it a small back pack. You’ll be provided with a hi-vis jacket, which is to be returned after your shift.

Please don’t bring valuables as we cannot be responsible for these.

For every 4-hour shift you complete, you are eligible for a £25 race credit that can be redeemed against a future TriBourne event.

Email the Office to claim your race credit(s). Your request will be checked against the volunteer registration list and once agreed, the credits will be added to your TriBourne account. Please make sure the email address for your TriBourne account is the same as the email address you provided to volunteer.

Select the event you wish to enter, apply the race credit(s) at checkout.

If you don’t have a TriBourne account, click here to set one up: https://www.tribourne.co.uk/register/

Race credits are valid for the year that you volunteered in AND the year thereafter. So, if you volunteer at Eastbourne Triathlon in June 2024, your credit can be used against any later dated 2024 events and all the events in 2025.

Race credits can be accumulated across events that you volunteer at, provided you redeem within the expiry life of each individual credit.

Credits can be transferred to any person with a TriBourne account. Please email the Office with your request to transfer from your email address.

Yes please, we would love to have you help us. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator . You’ll get a race credit and the usual goodies for helping us (see FAQ above on what will I get in return for volunteering)

If you decide to withdraw from the race at the last minute (injured or ill) and don’t have booking protect we may, in some circumstances, be able to offer a deferral to the next year’s race in exchange for volunteering. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more details.

Yes please, we would love to have you help us and should be able to find a suitable role. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss options.

There isn’t a specific minimum age for volunteers. Often, we have young children helping us on the Finish Line or at the Feed / Aid stations but we do ask that they are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. For unaccompanied youths, we suggest a minimum age of 15 and would then only accept them with the written permission of a parent or guardian.

We always try to be as inclusive as possible in our volunteering guidelines so if there is an interest from younger volunteers, we rarely say no but we are acutely aware of safeguarding requirements and need to get the balance right. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Juliette, who can offer advice specific to your circumstances.

Yes please, we would love to have you help us and should be able to find a suitable role. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss options.

We very much encourage active travel and provide bike racks for volunteers. The racks are however in a public access location and we are not responsible for their security so make sure you bring a sturdy lock.

For the Eastbourne events (Eastbourne Triathlon and IronBourne) there is parking available in the local streets. The location of free on-street parking is detailed in the Athletes Guide, the link to which is attached to the Briefing Email. TriBourne Events will not cover your parking costs should you chose to park in a pay-bay in Eastbourne unless in very exceptional circumstances.

For Brighton & Hove Triathlon, we have secured an area for parking for Event crew & volunteers. This parking is situated in a field around a 20-minute walk from the Event Village, but it is free. You will need a parking permit to be downloaded pre-event, printed and displayed in your car windscreen.