Sunday 14th June 2020
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Provisional Race Day Schedule

Friday 14th June

15:00 Registration open
20:00 Registration closed

Saturday 15th June

06:00 Registration and transition open
07:15 Registration closed
07:15 Compulsory race briefing for all
07:40 Sprint distance swim briefing on the beach
07:45 Transition closed
07:50 Sprint distance swim warmup
08:00 Sprint distance start
08:10 Olympic distance swim briefing on the beach
08:20 Olympic distance swim warmup
08:25 First sprint aquathlon finisher expected
08:30 Olympic distance start
08:57 First sprint distance finisher expected
09:06 First Olympic distance aquathlon finisher expected
10:00 Award ceremony: Sprint distance winners
10:15 Transition open to sprint distance athletes for bike collection
10:30 First Olympic distance finisher expected
11:00 Last sprint distance finisher expected
11:00 Award ceremony: Sprint distance vets, sprint distance relay and sprint distance aqauathlon
11:30 Olympic distance bike cut-off for starting last lap
11:30 Award ceremony: Olympic distance winners and Olympic distance aquathlon
12:00 Transition open to all athletes for bike collection
14:00 Award ceremony: Olympic distance vets and Olympic distance relay