Sunday 6th June 2021
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TriBourne Multisport Events COVID-19 Update 20/05/2020

Eastbourne Triathlon postponed until Saturday 11th July

With Eastbourne Triathlon now only 12 weeks away, we have been working very hard in light of the current COVID-19 situation. We have made the decision to postpone the Eastbourne Triathlon until Saturday 11th July (the day before our Ironbourne Long Distance Triathlon). It is our hope that by July, things will be returning to normal and, all being well we will be able to combine the Eastbourne Triathlon with Ironbourne to create a two-day triathlon festival, with races over all distances from sprint to full iron distance. Please note, this change is subject to approval of a road closure application which is expected to be signed off in the next few days.

I'm entered into both the Eastbourne Triathlon and Ironbourne
For those of you who have entered both the Eastbourne Triathlon and Ironbourne, we will defer your Eastbourne Triathlon entry to 2021, allowing you to race Ironbourne as planned on the 12th July. If you want to race Ironbourne again in 2021, you will be able to upgrade your deferred Eastbourne Triathlon entry to an Ironbourne entry in 2021.

I'm entered into Eastbourne Triathlon and can't make the rescheduled date
For those of you who have entered Eastbourne Triathlon and are unable to race on the 11th July, we will offer a deferral to the 2021 Eastbourne Triathlon. We will send out details of how to make this deferral in the coming weeks and we will also announce a deadline for completing the deferral. Before making the decision to defer, please consider the impact this will have on us financially and on the long-term future of the Eastbourne Triathlon (see below).

South East Senior Series
With Eastbourne Triathlon being part of the TESE Senior Series, we realise that the rescheduled date is the day before the Ocean Lake Senior Series race. Unfortunately, with other events throughout the year taking place in Eastbourne, our options for a rescheduled date have been very limited and this conflict was unavoidable. It does however make for the unusual challenge of racing two events in one weekend. I'm sure everyone will be chomping at the bit to race by July, and you will all be ready for this unique challenge.

British Triathlon Age-Group ETU Qualifier
The BTF have stated: "If a qualification event is postponed, qualification will still take place at the new date as long as this is more than 12 weeks before the 2021 international championship." In this case the Eastbourne Triathlon on the 11th July will remain an Age Group ETU Standard Distance Championship Qualifier.

Why decide so soon?
Although the Eastbourne Triathlon is still 12 weeks away, we felt it best to make a firm decision now so as to give everyone involved (athletes, volunteers and organisers) the maximum time to prepare.

What happens if the situation has not improved by July?
With so much uncertainty surrounding the current situation, it is too soon to make any predictions about July. At this stage we can only hope that the situation will have improved and we will be able to race. We will be monitoring the situation over the coming weeks and following the advice from government and the BTF. If it becomes apparent in the coming weeks that the situation will not have improved before July, we will then announce plans to postpone Ironbourne and further postpone Eastbourne Triathlon. Due to the busy schedule of other events in Eastbourne, the most likely scenario in this case would be postponement until June 2021.

Can I get a refund?
Most race organisers (including ourselves), like all small businesses, operate on very tight budgets and very small margins. Much of the event budget is already spent many months before race day, and many hundreds of hours of work have already gone into planning and preparation for the race. The current situation not only has massive financial implications for us as race organisers, but also on the many local service providers who are involved with our events (medical providers, swim safety teams, caterers, photographers, race timing, local sponsors, etc.).

Please consider the long-term future of the Eastbourne Triathlon. Your support and understanding during these difficult times could prove critical in terms of our ability to secure the long-term viability of the event in years to come.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds, and whilst offering deferrals to 2021 will not have an immediate financial impact, it will certainly have significant implications to our budget next year. Please take this into consideration when requesting a deferral. Your support at this difficult time is very much appreciated.

Over 70's and Emergency Service workers
We will offer those over 70 and emergency service workers (including police, fire, ambulance, doctors and nurses) the option to defer your entry to 2021 with no deadline for requesting this deferral. We appreciate the impact that the current situation will be having on your training, and with this in mind we will also offer emergency service workers the option to defer Ironbourne entries to 2021 even if the 2020 event takes place as planned on 12th July.

In Summary:

As always, our priority is to put our athletes first, giving you the most professional and enjoyable race experience possible but beyond all, ensuring the safety of the entire TriBourne Family and beyond.

We wish you the very best during this difficult time and thank you for your support. Keep fit and healthy and train safely and responsibly, and hopefully we will see you all racing in July.

Best Wishes
Mat Dowle and Dale Anderton